Kiama, Minnamurra, Gainsborough, Kiama Downs, Jamberoo, Gerringong, Gerroa


Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

Im Councillor Karen Renkema-Lang, one of the five fresh new faces elected to represent you on Kiama Council.

As promised during our campaign I am determined to bring about change for the benefit of the Community. I am committed to bringing the right kind of influence and thinking to ensure Kiama Council is sensible with money, accountable with decision making, values fair planning, and champions a responsible stand on the environment.

My priorities are to:

  1. Ensure Council’s financial position is known and understood by all ratepayers, and that Council staff have the skills necessary to develop, monitor and enact a 10 year plan to strengthen Councils economic base.
  2. Provide opportunities for diversification of local businesses so that our economic base is resilient and able to provide interesting, well paid and secure job opportunities.
  3. Introduce greater transparency and accountability in the way Council conducts its business.
  4. Tighten planning and development controls to stop unrestricted urban creep, over development and inappropriate development.
  5. Develop and enact a plan to manage our natural environment more responsibly.

Check out My Progress to see how we measure up against my campaign commitments


I am committed to safeguarding our unique community, now and for future generations. I have the skills and practical knowledge to contribute to a new Kiama council that is sensible with money, accountable with decision making, values fair planning, and champions a responsible stand on the environment.

I am actively involved as a volunteer in several community groups. As a member on Kiama Council’s Planning Committee I’ve contributed to the development of the Kiama Town Centre Study and the Local Strategic Planning Statement. As the president of Kiama Central Precinct and the Combined Community Advocacy Group I’ve written many submissions to Kiama Council and to our NSW Government representatives expressing concerns of local residents and requesting change for the better. These include submissions on Community Consultation and the NSW Government Housing Strategy. I was also the founding chair of the Kiama Community Radio and initiated Kiama’s contribution to the Australia wide AUSMAP micro-plastic initiative which has gained international attention.

While working for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in the early 2000s, I participated in multi-national government initiatives related to cross border identity fraud. I worked with senior representatives from other countries to formulate policy and to design related business and technical solutions.

Later I was the technical lead of a Council of Australian Governments (COAG) initiative related to water trading and since semi-retiring, I have I participated in over 25 project assurance reviews across many Federal Government departments.  I have repeatedly dealt with complex legislation, regional boundary dependencies, and contested value judgements.

My professional background plus the experience gained volunteering on local groups, provide a strong and confident basis for me to represent you, the ratepayers, on Kiama Council.